15 years sobriety today!

Today it haves been 15 years since the police apprehended me. I was inside an illegal car and in a illegal condition ( high) and had illegal stuff hidden in the car together with a high criminal profile and al I was feeling was fear hidden deep inside.

I was living outside the society in a world based in ”respect”, there people didn’t really know the difference between respect and fear. I look at everyone as objects and my life was very destructive.

A very dynamic lifestyle. Well, I would not even call it a life. I was slave under the influence of self-medication and totally lack of spiritual present. In the end of my ”addict carrier” I also more or less lived on the streets. I was so dead inside. I actually even try to organize  my own dead by plan to steal another peoples identity. And if I would continue with that, I would probably have done it because i have one magical attribute, Im extremely stubborn!

And now, here I’m sitting in one of my homes, located in Thailand. Looking out through the open balcony door and breathing in the street breeze. It haves been a very advanced ride, both emotionally and with my own personal development. Many people around me see the real me, thats because I am a very open person, very humble. I am also very determined. Sometimes Im lost, but then I ask my self some questions.

At the moment I am in a process with lot of questions and that´s good, because Im driven by a tively to never get satisfied.

I want to thank everyone i have shared some time with. Everyone that have inspired me. Everyone that have pushed me forward. Everyone that i don’t like but don’t know why ( because you probably have something that i want).

When people ask me how old I am, I say 16. and that almost truth, Im just 15!

There is no magic formula of how you will get what you want in your life. but there are definitely some things that may help.

Here is some:

– Have more courage in your life than fear.

– Ask things, about your self and how things works.

– Don’t care what other think about you, because they are busy with them selfs.

– Be kind to everyone

– Find a way to love yourself, even if you hate yourself, find the small good things about you and think of them.

– Find a purpose, When its done, look for another.

– Don’t be jealous in others success, get inspired instead, ask how they did.

– Don’t judge others, if you do that you will be trap outside yourself.

– You die only once, until then you live every day.

– Learn to not worry.

– Meditate to find peace within you.

– work hard for your dreams and they suddenly be there in front of you.

If you focus on those things, you will suddenly discover peace inside you.  You can also get 4 amazing boost sessions here that will help you with goal setting. Now for a really special price!

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